Beauty review: Ladykin

I have a very sensitive skin, which makes it harder for me to find the perfect skin care. So I decided to write about some beauty products to share my opinion. If I can use it on my face, almost everyone else will be able to use it too. I even had a break out once from a Clarins sun screen. It was so horrible that I went through different stages of allergy:

Stage 1: pimples and acne (itching)

Stage 2: burned skin (very painful and still itchy)

stage 3: dry skin: it was so dry that I could see the dead skin on my face. (very ugly and unattractive)

stage 4: peeling off the skin: in the last stage I was simply peeling of the dead skin on my face….

Well enough about my skin problems, here is the review on the products.

Vanpir cream and serum

Ladykin brought out these two products recently. The vanpir cream and serum.

The name is very striking and makes one wonder. After some thorough research of the ingredients and looking up reviews,  I decided to give it a shot. So I ordered the product on (which basically the only website in the Netherlands that offers Korean products).

Vanpire dark repair cream

The product is designed to suit all skin types. The formula stimulates the metabolism    of the skin and stimulates the elasticity and prevents ageing. It helps with reducing the  wrinkles, freckles, and blemishes and remove fine lines. It also clears the facial spots, whitens skin and contracts expanded pores. Above all it improves the overal skin condition.

The price- for the cream was around €13,-

Vanpir dark repair youth activator serum

This is a concentrated serum that targets the signs of skin damage by also boosting the metabolism of the skin. It makes the skin brighten, lighter and more resilient to all kinds of damage that can be caused by air :3

The price for the serum was around €19,-

My review

Me, as a true asian, was mainly attracted to the fact that it whitens your skin. So I bought both the products for the optimum effect.  The serum is dark brown and fluid but with a good texture.  It didn’t have any smell to it and was easy to apply. The cream is thick and smells woody. It comes with a little miniature spoon, which makes it easy to get the right amount. Although the texture is thick, it didn’t feel sticky and was easily absorbed by my skin.

I have been using these products for a month now and I must say that I am pretty happy with it. The price is pretty reasonable and I didn’t get any allergic reaction. I’m not sure about the anti-aging effect of the cream (considering the fact that I am 19 without wrinkles) but I was happy about the overall results. My skin is a bit brighter and the blemish/spots disappeared a bit. I came to love the smell of the cream and it’s the perfect skin relief for the harsh winter here. I will keep using the products and strongly recommend it.

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