Beauty review: Minon

A good friend of mine went to Japan a few weeks ago. The offers of beauty products in Japan is very broad and available in almost every shopping mall. As she walk along the streets of Tokyo, she found this brand. This mask is specially designed for the easily irritated skin and can be used to calm down the skin. I was dying to try this and the result was so surprising, that I wanted to share it. So below you can find the description of the product and my review.

Minon amino moist mask 


This Japanese sheet mask includes 9 amino acids for dry and sensitive skin. The hypoallergenic mask is infused with a gel serum that use a mixture of Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) which restores the skin barrier and protects the skin’s natural moisture and balance.

How to use: after cleansing and dapping the skin with lotion, position the sheet to nose and mouth and then smooth it out to fit the face. Remove the mask after 15 minutes and blend the serum with your fingers into the skin.

The mask can be purchased on for $19,50

My review

The packaging comes with 4 sheets. It’s kind of hard to unpack the mask because it is covered in gel and very sticky. After I untangled the mask and smooth it out on my face, I waited 15 min. The mask sticks to the face and one can walk around and do other activities while waiting. After that I removed the mask and rubbed the remaining serum. The result was amazing, my skin was so dewy and soft. It felt like a baby’s skin, I didn’t have any break out or allergic reaction. The most surprising thing was that the result lasted a few days.


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