I am a Dior addict

I truly love all the products by Dior, not only do they look cute but the quality is also great. The pictures shows the products that I have in my collection. I will briefly explain the the products, a more detailed review will follow.


The lipsticks and lip glosses from left to right: Dior Addict lip maximiser high volume lip plumperDior Addict lip glow, Dior Addict fluid stickDior Addict extreme lipstick

My personal favourite is the Dior Addict lip maximiser, it gives your lips a little extra volume and shine. The product contains collagen and marine-based fillers, which makes your lips satin soft and kissable. It gives a tingly cooling sensation on the lips with a soft vanilla-mint scent. It is a must have for in the make up pouch.

Dior Addict lip glow is the most popular product of the make-up line of Dior. It is a sheer balm that enhances the natural color of your lips. The lip balm has a light sheer tint to it with an addition of SPF10 that will keep your lips protected. I think it’s a very pretty packaging and the tint feels like a normal lip balm.

The moisturiser on the right side: Hydra life pro-youth protective creme SPF15

Nail polish: Rouge Dior VernisNail glow

Last but not least: my favourite fragrance Miss Dior. I prefer the eau the toilette over the eau the parfum because I am not a fan over overwhelming fragrances like La Vie est Belle. Miss Dior is a sweet fragrance while adding an extra touch of freshness and tenderness. It is perfect for the romantic, elegant, girly, cute and feminine girls.

notes: blood orange essence, neroli essence, rose essence, Indonesian amber patchouli essence


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