A foodie’s adventure in China

a person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet.
It is a fact that every normal person needs food in order to survive but those who seek out food are associate with the term “foodie”. It is undoubtedly a strategy to increase the food market but I can’t find another term to explain my behaviour.
When I feel bored, I go online and search through blogs to look at picture of food. Every evening, I like to watch different cooking programs for hours and hours. I really like cute things but I don’t like to eat sweets, still I find myself searching for cake shops and order the whole menu. Don’t misunderstand, I am not a fat person, I just enjoy cooking and food.
Every place has it’s own culinary … Don’t you also feel like your stomach isn’t big enough to enjoy all the wonderful food in the world. In China, every city and district has it’s own flavour for example Shanghai’s sweet food and Sichuan’s spicy food. Here in Qingdao they like to eat seafood and spicy food. The city was once a German colony this can be seen by the historical building in the city and the foreign restaurants.
 Here you can see some of the food that I’ve eaten these two weeks.
IMG_0868 IMG_0885  IMG_0714 IMG_0676IMG_0742 IMG_0760 IMG_0946IMG_0988 IMG_0978 IMG_0745IMG_0685

Food hunt: Cupcake Chic


At the Amsterdam airport (Shiphol), there is a tiny little pastry shop that sells cakes, cupcakes and cookies. To stop my endless cravings for sweets, I decided to visit this shop.

The shop may be small, but there is a big offer of sweets. If you have some time before boarding you plane, you should run to this small shop and stuff your cheeks with a little piece of heaven. I bought the red velvet cakes, which came is a small plastic packaging.

The cakes are freshly baked, every day. There is also a online shop for the fans. You can order multiple cupcakes, but you have to select one of the deal boxes for 3, 5 or 9. So whenever you dutch people feel like having some sweets, don’t hesitate to check out the website.

IMG_3209 IMG_3226