Lush Skincare

Usually I am no big fan of products that carry along a intruding fragrance, especially when you can smell it from almost 200m outside the store. I mostly just walk past the Lush shops as fast as I can to avoid the smell but my friend recommended me to go inside. So I went inside the store to find the shampoo that she recommended for hair loss and walked out with a empty wallet.

Lush is for the girls/boys that:

  • have sensitive skin
  • specific skin problems
  • the vegan
  • are eco-friendly
  • those who simply enjoy to eat their skincare products

An Addition to my skincare products


What happened was that I met this really friendly and sweet girl with the nicest british accent. When she approached me, I was a bit taken aback by her sudden enthusiastic presence. I told her about the problems with my hair: hair loss and thinner hait (for 6 months I have been dyeing my black hair to brown) So she told me about the shampoo and conditioner. After that I found myself confiding all my problems to girl, like she was some friend instead of a shop assistant. I could clearly tell that she enjoyed her job and truly loved the products that she sold.

I envy those who do what they love and love what they do. I don’t have to be a Bill Gates or the next Steve Jobs but I would love to find a job that keeps me motivated and strives me to challenge myself, whether it’s in a small or a big company.

On to the products, I am generally satisfied with the products. They are fulfilling their purposes but not exceeding, except for one product: Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. This product is simply amazing, you apply in on while showering and it makes your skin baby-smooth. The fragrance is very pleasant and remains the entire day. I was so happy about this product because I have been struggling with dry skin and small pimples on my arms/legs (it looks like ingrown hair) The product not only made my skin softer but also reduced the amount of pimples. It may be a pricey product but it’s definitely worth it.