My new family

When I arrived at the airport in Qingdao, my colleague was standing at the gate waiting for me. Together we took the taxi to my host family, which took about 30 min and 60 yuan (Chinese money).

Before I arrived in China, my company already searched for an accommodation for me. When I saw the first few pictures, I was happily surprised.

Here you can see the buildings, they are located in the new part of Qingdao near the Library. This area is called the Violet Palace, it consist of 5 buildings with 29 floors. The floors are divided into two separate houses whom can be reached by a elevator with a lock. The family lives on the 7th floor. There was a big main gate with two guards, whom looked a bit suspicious about our visit. After my colleague explained the purpose of our visit, he let us enter this palace.

On the left side, you can see the front gate with golden decorations.

The family was very friendly and did their best to make me feel comfortable. They brought me to my room and I took a quick shower.

The building in the middle is the own where the family lives in, the picture on the right side shows the view from my window.


The family consists of two kids, mommy, daddy, grandma and a 保姆 (house maid) and with me. It almost seems impossible to fit all these people into half an apartment, but each of us have our own room and there are 3 bathrooms available in the house.