First day at work

I felt so nervous when I had to start on my first day at the company. I have been in Korea for 4 months and the public transportation system was really easy to understand ones I could read the characters. Korean takes like 1 month to study how to read and Chinese maybe 2 years. So when I had to take the bus by myself, I was breaking out in cold sweat.

So the mommy of the household brought me to the busstation and I told her that she could leave me. The mommy which is like an angel, told me that she would take the bus with me and I managed to keep ¬†myself from cheering out loud. So she brought me to the company and I memorised the way. When we arrived at the company, I said that she could leave and go to her company. She told me that she wanted to talk to my boss before she left. So the reason why she stayed was because she wanted to tell the boss that someone should take the bus with me home. I don’t know if it is normal that home stay mommies are angels or people in Qingdao are too nice compared to the rest of China. So I arrived to the company (XMandarin) and everyone was very friendly.


The reason why I chose to work at this company was really simple. Even though I don’t get an allowance, i still get the opportunity to get private class. I immigrated at the age of 6 to the Netherlands, so I never had the chance to study Chinese. On internet you can find many companies and school who offer the possibility to study Chinese in a short period but its a very difficult language that acquires more time. The prices also differs but they are all still too expensive and many can’t afford it. When I saw the vacancy online, I was a bit desperate to find an internship asap. After talking to the agency and the school, I felt more confident and enthusiastic.