With just one week to go, the stress is starting to set on my brains. I haven’t been able to sleep as I am thinking about the scary unknowns. Never have I spent a month without the comfort of my parents and (I may sound like a little brat) now I have to start to run my own household. I am good at cooking but it’s the idea that I will have to cook for myself everyday, fortunately there are many restaurants on/near campus. It sound so silly but due to my little knowledge of the country, I feel like I have to pack to visit some kind of desert. All the stuff which I stuffed in my suitcase are thrown out an hour later, as I am telling myself to be realistic and not to overpack. I have been packing and unpacking my suitcase for a week now and I still have almost nothing in it, aside from tampons (which I heard is not available in Asia, as people think its taboo to stuff a stickie into your …. you get what I mean), So facing all these unending thoughts about creating all kinds of list to prevent the nasty surprises to kick in last-minute, I totally forgot about my own 20th birthday. This year will bring many adventures as I am planning to spend 2015 in Asia!


So I will be going from my tiny-whiny school in the Netherlands to the Ajou University. Everything is available on campus, even a hospital (in case I hurt myself again with my usual clumsy behaviour), thereforeĀ I can live on campus without ever having to leave the school grounds. I will definitely not be doing that, I will go to Seoul at the very first opportunity.

I will leave to South-Korea on the 23rd of February and I will post more frequently about my trip when I arrive, so stay tuned!